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As far as studying French and using French learning materials is concerned, speaking French literally with French natives does not necessarily qualify or disqualify a person according to how and where they have learned the language.


It’s like this, when you are a wide reader and have read hundreds of books in your entire lifetime including the fact you have learned French along the way, does it make you a very good French speaker? What about the person who have spent all his life living, breathing and speaking the French language, would he be considered an extremely effective French speaker? And let’s not forget an avid fan of the French language, studying the French language in college, in a reputable university.

What’s so ironic about the three types of people stated above is that, regardless of the learning style they have gone through and used in learning the French language, there is still no guarantee that each of them is better than the other. This doesn’t necessarily mean as well that a French speaker knows everything there is about their language.


It’s similar to the case of English speakers. The native English speakers to be specific, still have problems and experience confusion in terms of using the correct English word for a statement, writing or even just in a conversation. Don’t think that this doesn’t happen among French speakers.

What is the point in all this? This means to say that a person who experiences difficulty in learning French or any other languages, ロゼッタストーン will experience the same difficulty that any native speaker of his language goes through. The key here is just to be purely calm about making progress. Remember as well that the need to learn French in the shortest time possible is very unlikely. Even experts who have acquired to speak the French language do not deny the fact learning and speaking French isn’t going to happen in 3, 6 or 9 months. The learning experience of studying and speaking a language of a person changes and becomes more interesting everyday. And there is always something you have to look forward to because it helps in the way you deal with your French lessons, no matter how difficult it may seem.

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